When it comes to dating, there are going to be barriers you and your partner will have to overcome together. 

For those in long-distance relationships, the physical space that separates the couple can be a big hurdle to overcome.

Going on dates is not as easy when you are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, but that does not mean it is impossible. 


Long-distance dates require a little extra creativity but can still be manageable and loads of fun.

Below are long-distance date ideas to try with your significant other that are sure to bring you closer together.

man smiling on phone

There are plenty of dates you can create if you're in a long-distance relationship, beyond just a simple phone call. (iStock)

  1. Order takeout for each other and enjoy your meals together
  2. Watch a movie or TV show together
  3. Cook a meal together
  4. Play a relationship game to learn more about each other
  5. Plan your next vacation
  6. Create a "Thinking of You" playlist
  7. Put together care packages for each other

1. Order takeout for each other and enjoy your meals together

While going out to a fancy restaurant isn't in the cards, that doesn't mean the two of you can't enjoy a fancy meal together — sort of, that is.

With meal delivery services, it's so easy to order food from your favorite restaurants in the places you each reside.

For this date night, order food for your significant other, and have the person do the same for you — but don't tell each other where you order from! This will make for a fun surprise when the meal arrives.

You can even decide on a budget ahead of time, so neither of you is spending too much more than the other.

Put in your orders at the same time, so they'll ideally arrive at your doors simultaneously. Then, set up a video call and enjoy dinner together.

2. Watch a movie or TV show together

Many streaming apps support watch parties in which you and others can all watch a television show or movie together while also being on the phone with one another.

Woman scared in bed

Watching a movie together is an easy long-distance date idea, but maybe stay away from the scary ones until you're together in person. (iStock)

This is great for long-distance dating because you can see and talk to each other while watching a movie concurrently, without the hassle of trying to hit play simultaneously on different devices. 


Plus, if you need to pause the movie or show, it will stop on both of your devices, so it'll pick right back up where you left off when you return. 

Don't forget to have all your favorite snacks on hand for movie night.

3. Cook a meal together

You don't have to be master chefs to cook a meal together. It may even turn out to be even more fun if you aren't the best cook. 

The trial and error will not only make for lots of laughs, it will also provide an opportunity for you to work together and help each other solve cooking problems — like how to double a recipe or even cut it in half.

First, you'll need to choose the meal you want to make. Then, each person will need to shop for the ingredients. Hop on a video call and begin to make the meal together. Try to stay with each other each step of the way, so that you can troubleshoot if anything goes wrong. Once your dinner is done, you can enjoy a homemade meal together.


Some food ideas that won't take up too much time, but will provide a lengthy enough experience include meats on the stovetop, freshly baked pizza with dough prepared in advance or stir-fry.  

woman cooking on stove

Whip up the same meal while chatting over the phone. You may need each other's help in solving potential mistakes. (iStock)

4. Play a relationship game to learn more about each other

Relationship games are a great way for couples to learn more about each other in a low-pressure environment. It can be daunting asking your significant other deep but important questions. Relationship-based games provide a way to lighten up the hard-hitting questions. 

These sorts of games also help keep dialogue going for couples who have been together for a while and talk often. Sometimes, there is simply not a lot to talk about, and these games can help spark conversation.

Some of the games that exist are more serious, while others are goofy and fun, so shop around for the best fit for your relationship. Hop on a phone call and start going through these questions together. Spend some time explaining your answers and telling stories that pertain to your experiences.

5. Plan your next vacation

When dating from long distances, the time you spend physically together is going to be limited. Try to always have a trip planned, even if it's many months in advance, so you have a date to look forward to. Whether it's a short weekend trip or a week-long getaway, get in the habit of always having something planned.


To get this going, have a date night dedicated to vacation or visit planning. Each person can bring forth a few places where they want to go, and then you can choose your destination. 

Spend the rest of the date looking at hotels, planning flights, if needed, and looking for things to do while you're away.

Couple on the beach

Spend a night planning your next getaway together, so you have a trip marked in the calendar. (iStock)

Once you go on your trip, have another vacation planning date to finalize the next one. Planning a trip together will be a fun experience for both of you, and then you can begin a countdown to the next destination.

Visiting each other as often as you are able to is important, too, but traveling with your partner outside your hometowns is a positive step to take as a couple.

6. Create a ‘Thinking of You’ playlist

During one of your phone calls with your partner, get a "Thinking of You" playlist going. You can make a shared playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and add songs that remind you of each other.


You can continue to add to this playlist whenever you come across a song you want to share with your partner. This playlist is great to have because you can press play whenever you want and instantly feel more connected to your significant other, even at a distance.

Woman laying listening to music

Having a collaborative playlist with your partner can be comforting to enjoy. (iStock)

7. Put together care packages for each other

Care packages are a simple way to make your partner feel thought of and loved. 

You can fill a care package with whatever you'd like — photos, favorite snacks, books, etc. — and ship it off to your partner.

These are especially fun to do during the holidays, like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day, if you can't be together. 

Around various holidays, you can create a themed box with items centered around the occasion.

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