Workplace Civility and Inclusion

Fox Corporation ("FOX") is affirmatively committed to the corporate value of zero tolerance for sexual harassment, race discrimination, and all other forms of discrimination prohibited by law, and a corporate policy that creates a safe, productive and welcoming workplace for all of FOX's employees as further described in FOX's Statement of Corporate Governance.

Since 2017, the Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Council ("WPIC") has partnered with FOX News Media to enhance its corporate culture and business accountability; employee support and wellness; inclusive employee engagement, recognition, and education; community outreach and mentorship. While the WPIC's term expires on November 20, 2022, FOX News Media is well positioned to maintain the legacy of these many enhancements going forward and remains steadfast in its commitment to do so. FOX News Media thanks the WPIC for its guidance over the past five years. The written WPIC reports provided to date are available on this page below.

Fox News Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Council Report - June 6, 2018